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The first steps to your journey

Whether you're an experienced globetrotter or a first time tourist, we are committed to making the process of planning your trip fun and easy. We will be here with you from the time you first consider traveling, through the planning and booking process, while on the trip itself, and then when you get home and start dreaming about your next adventure! Since we are a personal concierge service dedicated to you and your travel experience, our services are customizable to meet your needs and preferences. Here you will find the steps we customarily take with you, as together, we embark on the journey to bringing your travel fantasies to life!

Dreaming of all the places you would like to go and experiences you would like to have is a significantly enjoyable part of the travel experience! To get inspired, make a Virtuoso WanderList at the following link and get a jumpstart on your dreams! 

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Step 1:


Where will your dreams take you next? Do you need a restorative break, where you can unwind at the finest spas, sleep in the comfiest beds, and have all your meals onsite? Are you considering a family vacation, where you can reconnect with your loved ones in a fun place full of activities like a Disney park or a cruise ship? Do you and your significant other desire a romantic getaway in a special place making memories together or reliving old ones? Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like a trek in Antarctica or Africa? If you're not sure what experience you're looking for, that's okay! We can help you narrow down your choices.

Image by Jametlene Reskp

Step 3:


Right after our conversation with you, we will get to work planning the perfect trip, customized exactly for you! This step may be very quick or it might take a while depending on your dates of travel, the length of the trip, and all the other details and variables we discussed.  Soon, we will come to you with multiple itineraries to choose from! Once you pick the itinerary that is closest to your ideal trip, we will go back and forth with you changing little details, adding or taking away activities, tweaking things according to your desires, and then finalizing your decisions. When everything is perfect, it is time to reserve and book!

Step 2:


We love to get to know our clients! This step is when we connect with you and have the joy of discovering your dreams! We will discuss your travel ideas, your goals, hopes, concerns, travel companions, your likes and dislikes, and theirs. Knowing you personally and the research and plans you've already done will help us get an accurate impression of you and your desires for the trip. Our discussion will also include an introduction to us, FairBreeze Custom Travel, and what we hope to offer you. We aspire to have the privilege of ensuring you make incredible memories and being an advocate for you that you know you can count on.

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Step 4:

Deposit and Depart

Now comes the two best parts of the trip-planning process! When we have finalized the structure of the trip, you will provide us with your credit card information and we will set all your bookings and deposits through our secure site so they will be reserved for you. Then you have nothing to do but anticipate the trip and pick out what you're going to bring with you! We are available at any time if you have questions or requests during the waiting period. Depending on the type of trip, final payments will be due between 30-90 days before travel and we will assist with all visa, luggage, and insurance requirements. Then you're ready to go and enjoy your dream trip!

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