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Why should I use a travel advisor?

Do you use a real estate agent when purchasing a house? A financial advisor when setting up investments? Most of us wouldn't think twice about using the services of an expert for many aspects of our lives, but with the internet full of resources, information, reviews, and booking tools available for anyone to use, why should you personally choose to work with a travel advisor to plan and book your trips?

Over the next few weeks, this blog will give you the answers to these questions and show you four incredible benefits of working with an expert travel advisor instead of booking by yourself.

Reason #1: Supporting your dreams and helping you make them come true.

Have you ever wanted to fly over an active volcano by helicopter? Watch baby penguins hatching and playing in Antarctica? Sit in front-row seats to watch your favorite athlete, musical artist, or Broadway show? Do you long for some time off, away from stress and responsibility, where the most difficult question you must answer is whether you’ll have the red or white wine? Maybe you prefer adventure, and your dreams include paragliding off a cliff in the Alps, or climbing a glacier? Do you picture having VIP access to explore ancient wonders and World Heritage Sites such as Petra, the Palace at Versailles, Machu Piccu, and Vatican City without the crowds? Maybe you love learning about other cultures, and you imagine yourself experiencing local traditions in faraway places, such as weaving alpaca wool in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, making pasta in Italy, praying with monks in an ancient temple in Bhutan, drinking Riga Black Balsam in Latvia, or rowing a bamboo boat in Halong Bay. Are you committed to sustainability and desire to engage in travel that is focused on conservation and local regeneration? Have you dreamed about taking your kids and grandkids to a place where the accommodation, food, and activities are included so you can just focus on having fun all together as a family? All these experiences (and countless more) are possible with the help of a concierge travel advisor.

Whether you have every minute of your trip already planned, or you’re just vaguely thinking you might want to go somewhere, having a travel advisor will help tremendously. An advisor can tell you what is possible, and we will do the research to find extraordinary experiences you might not have even thought of or imagined. We have access to the best local experts and on-site travel providers, whom we can speak with personally to find the best options for you, our client. Having an expert who knows specifics about the place you desire to visit, will open up so many more possibilities and discoveries that you may never have considered through your own internet or magazine research.

Your travel advisor has many tools and resources we can provide you with as you contemplate your wildest travel dreams. We will convert your bucket-list into a to-do list and brainstorm with you on how we can make that happen. We will help you prioritize your travel dreams with the goal of making them a reality by taking insider information into account, including the logistics of regulations, local customs, weather, price, value, reputation of the travel providers, and more. Explore your dreams today by creating a Wanderlist at Virtuoso Wanderlist and begin imagining what you can see and do! After that, contact us at FairBreeze Custom Travel, and together, we can turn those travel dreams into travel plans!



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