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Having happily moved across the USA several times in her childhood, Lindsay has always had a love of exploration and travel. This has led her to become a lifelong student of history and culture, and instilled a wanderlust that compels her to be continually searching for exciting and unique things to see and do around the world. Even exploring the "lands" at Disneyland was an adventure for her, so she got hired to give tours on the World Famous Jungle Cruise and the Disneyland Railroad, working at the Disneyland Resort for three years. There, a love for people and service blossomed in Lindsay along with a drive to learn from those she comes in contact with. This, together with her love of history and cultures, has brought forth a desire to share her own knowledge and enthusiasm with others by assisting them in creating their own incredible travel memories.


Lindsay has been planning vacations and travel itineraries for over fifteen years and has been on as many trips as she possibly could. Going across the US by train, choosing a transatlantic cruise to reach Europe, and staying in an A-frame cabin in the Southern Alps of New Zealand are just a few of the unique elements that Lindsay has utilized in her own trips. Even before she was a travel advisor, a hobby of hers was to randomly pick a place on Earth, look it up, and spend hours researching and building a complete trip itinerary there. This habit led her to consider planning trips as a career! So, after extensive research, training, conversations, and effort, she completed the steps to becoming a luxury travel advisor and partnered with Avenue Two Travel, a leading industry agency with over 35 years of travel experience.

FairBreeze Custom Travel is the culmination of a fascination with travel, a willingness to work hard, a devotion for learning, a desire for service, an enthusiasm to help fellow travelers, and a passion for making dreams come true.

Image by Simon Berger
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